DIY 3D Waterproof Brick Wallpaper (2 pcs)

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Do Your Walls Look Old And Dirty With Children's Doodles? Then This Waterproof Brick Wallpaper Is Just For You!

Painting your walls with a brighter color is a decent idea, but it is too messy, expensive and time-consuming. But you can still give your walls a fast and easy makeover with this Waterproof Brick Wallpaper!

See how it can revamp your walls and make your house come to life in minutes without the extra hassle

  • Thick wallpaper, ensuring noise buffering performance.
  • Can be easily cut and trimmed with any utility knife
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

No matter how many decorations you put inside your house, everything goes wrong with a dirty, old wall. Your huge sofa is not supposed to be where it is too but you had to move it there to cover your children's drawings. The walls are also very old and bare, making your house look like no one lives in it. Get yourself a set of DIY 3D Waterproof Brick Wallpaper (2 pcs) and start renovating your house!


More features:

  • Suitable in every part of your house since it is waterproof and we guarantee that it will stick to your walls
  • You can save money on installation since you can easily do it yourself. Just trim/cut, peel, and paste on your wall. It is self-adhesive so you do not need to use grout, glue, and other special tools.


  • 70 cm x 15 cm / 27.5 inch x 5.9 inch
  • 70 cm x 31 cm / 27.5 inch x 12.2 inch
  • 70 cm x 77 cm / 27.5 inch x 30.3 inch
  • Package includes 2 pcs



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