UltraSeal™ Under Door Insulating Guard

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Your Room, Keep The Perfect TemperatureStop Bugs, Dust, Fumes And Outdoors Smells & Water From Entering, Reduce Noise And Sleep Better.  This Super Functional Ultraseal™ Under Door Insulating Guard Is Extremely Easy To Install, Conveniently Moves With Your Door - No Need To Constantly Bend Down To Re-position! Let It Transform The Way You Live For The Better! 

This incredible door seal will completely change your life!!!


  1. Air conditioner can't keep your room cold or warm
  2. There is always dust in your room.
  3. Noise reduces your sleep quality.
  4. Your floor usually gets soaked after wind and raining

This Is The Reason We Need These Under Door Seals.

Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper
Moves With Your Door: Draft Door Stopper conveniently moves with your door - no need to constantly bend down to re-position! 
Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper
Easy To Glide: Draft stopper glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum, and more to easily move with the door.
Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper

Easy To Cut: It has a vinyl cover which is easy to cut to a suitable length and very easy to clean. 
Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper
Double-Sided: Double Protection! Also great for blocking noise and fumes.
Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper
Easy To Fit: Fits doors up to 36 inches in length. Foam tubes and vinyl can be cut down to fit narrow doors. Jumbo 2-inch diameter foam tubes are perfect for blocking extra-large gaps under your door.
Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper
Versatile Use:  It can be used for your front door, back door, garage entry door, bedroom door, bathroom door, and even windows! You can cut the draft stopper to seal in hot or cold air. Flexible material allows for the draft stopper to form fit to your windows.

Excellent Insulating Tool: A great way to seal proof the whole housekeeping inside of your home at the perfect temperature. 
Door Bottom Seal Strip Stopper
Easy To Clean: Clean spot with a cloth and mild cleaning solution, let air dry.

Package Includes:

1 X Draft Door Stopper (93cm/36.6IN each)


Size: 2.5x98cm/0.9x38.5cm

Material: Foam, Fabric

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rachel Zulauf

It came fast, just like the photo works super well

Tyrese Kunde

As i live in council flat the door had a huge gap underneath that was blowing cold in the winter and this here is the perfect solution for this, ive tried sitting on the floor for couple minutes and nothing. So simple but so helpful item recommended for sure. Also it came to London really quick which is amazing especially during this times.

Ed Quitzon

Just like in the photo, very good solution for dust, perfect fit.