Japanese Glass Teapot Brewer

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Have your favorite tea ready in an instant with the Japanese Glass Teapot Brewer! This useful teapot brews your favorite herbal tea and other hot beverages in a fraction of the time. If you are looking for an everyday teapot that can hold a few mugs worth of warm brew, then this is a great choice! 

Easy to use:

1) Open the teapot and add some tea

2) Add hot water 

3) Press the red button and filter the tea

4) Serve tea in a cup

Safe to use:
Anyone who has ever poured hot water out of a teapot knows that burns do happen, but this item's lid is designed to stay cool so your fingers stay safe. And the ergonomic handle allows for a firm grip while holding the pot while the spout is spill-free.

Practical and Easy to use:
Japanese Glass Teapot brewer is a stylish, practical, and easy way of making tea. It's portable and light so that you can brew your favorite loose-leaf teas anywhere.
High quality Heat Resistant Glass Teapot Chinese teaset Puer ...

Dishwasher Safe:
It's top-shelf dishwasher safe, but handwashing with a nonabrasive soft sponge will keep the plastic-looking crystal clear.


Strong Filtering Capability:

The stainless filtering net has 80 holes. Even the tea powder can be made into mellow and pure tea.



Material: Stainless Steel, Heat-resistant glass material and food-grade plastic material

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