Pocket Sleek™ - Minimalist RFID Blocking Pop Up Card Wallet

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This Wallet Is A Must Have!

  • Well this stainless steel credit card holder wrapped with leather backing is the answer. Not only does it keep up to 10 cards safe and secured but there is also a compartment for notes and coins!

    Styled with vintage leather on top of a stainless steel card holder makes for a more convenient and elegant way of carrying your important bank cards. You can carry almost everything that is important to you: ATM cards, passports, IDs, cash, coins, and more.



    Protect Your Identity & Credit Card Info w/ Built-In RFID Blocking

  • The Pocket Sleek™ is the best RFID blocking wallet on the market today. It protects your identity from RFID scanning thieves & electronic pick pockets.

    Do you have an idea what can happen if your RFID gets stolen?  Well, in the case of your credit card, it's bound to have its own shopping spree without you knowing! You'll only realize the utter doom brought upon your finances at the end of the month when you bill reaches your mailbox! 

    It's better to be safe than sorry. The Pocket Sleek™ is constructed from premium military-grade material that blocks all scanning attempts. It's a dependable organizer that combines both fashion & function!

    Key Features:

    • Ultra thin and portable! 
    • Holds 10+ cards 
    • Compartment for notes coins and more! 
    • Size: 3.94 x 2.76 x 0.59in 
    • 6 colours to choose from
    • Secure card holder with anti theft system (Built-In RFID Blocking)


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