Stress Management Desktop Punching Bag

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Did you ever had a moment when you just wanted to throw away all the stuff on your desk because of your frustrating work? That only spells trouble for you and it won’t help relieve you at all.

But here, we have just about what you need to get rid of all that pent up stress – check out this Stress Management Desktop Punching Bag!

Like a good old speed bag that boxers use – simply stick it on your desk, and give it blow or two. Release your rage on it instead of hitting your office equipment – save yourself from the trouble of having to pay for a broken computer or desk!


Moreover, you can use this handy punch bag as an exercise tool to keep you fit – put it up on the wall, ceiling or wherever it serves you best!

Get this portable stress reliever today!


  • Available in 4 different designs
  • Size: 16x 35 cm/6.3 x13.78inch
  • Material: Polyurethane Leather


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