Noble™ Cashmere Touch Screen Gloves with Double Thick Plush

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These fancy Noble™ Cashmere Bear Touch Screen Gloves with Double Thick Plush are stylish and elegant. They boast a thick, plush liner which is suitable for cold weather. They are versatile and useful for a wide range of winter activities; they feature a touch screen enabled finger for convenience, which is a must-have feature for keeping in touch when out and about.


Cost and Value

These amazing gloves have multiple extra comfort features for hardy temperatures and this ensures excellent value for money. 


Softness and Comfort

These gloves benefit from giving ultimate softness and comfort as well as being super warm to wear. 



The thick, plush lining keeps in extra warmth when required the most. This is imperative for the cold weather and makes cold hands one less thing to be concerned with.



Material: Cotton, Polyester & Spandex
Gloves Length: Wrist
Thickness index: Plush inside, Double thickening
Color: Black, Bean Cyan, Khaki, Bean color, Pink, Gray, Red
Size: Palm width is less than 3.2 In / 8.3cm
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