Wood Angle Grinding Tungsten Carving Disc

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✔️ Made of cemented carbide, Strong, durable and practical.

✔️ Provides rapid material removal, saving you time and effort, suitable for curved work, especially for convex and concave areas.

✔️ Wide range of use, suitable for wood trimming, peeling, polishing, and manual DIY.

✔️ Designed with Tungsten carbide teeth that give you an outstanding service life.

Cemented Carbide: Made of cemented carbide, With a durable and practical angle grinding wheel, that does that job easily and effortlessly.

You can easily install the wood angle grinding wheel on the standard electric angular grinder. Suitable for rapid removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas, bringing a lot of efficiency to your work.

The model is suitable for high-speed equipment such as angle grinders and hand drills.

When the angle grinder is installed, the bottom plate of the angle grinder clip needs to be turned upside down to be stable.

* The hand drill needs to be additionally equipped with a conversion rod! You need to hold it firmly when using it to prevent it from popping off!
Wood Angle Grinding Wheel - molnyonon


Inner hole diameter: 22mm/0.86inch or 16mm/0.62inch


Material: 45# Steel

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